5 Key Aspects of Posing People for Photographs

Most people don’t know how to pose for photos without having someone to guide them. This can be a challenge for you as a photographer, especially if you’re new in this field. Of course, you can get away with some people just by having them move naturally. Once you’re done, you’ll need to hope for the best. However, most of your subjects will need your help.

Not all of them will be models and some may not be used to being in front of a camera. It’s useful to have a basic understanding of the poses that look good and the ones that don’t. You might also consider having some go-to poses ready for your subjects. Here, we’ll try to understand how to pose people in front of the camera.

1. Make a connection

You must get to know your subject before going ahead with the shoot. This will help build a rapport with him or her. Making such connections help your subjects feel relaxed and help you in coming up with an excellent photo. Having a good rapport is also the secret to clicking some amazing photographs.

You can begin by asking some questions. They can be related to photography, their life, or things that they’re passionate about. The focus must be on breaking the ice and making things a bit more casual. If you come across as someone quite approachable and laid back, your subject will feel relaxed almost instantly.

2. Have something for your subject to lean on

Your subject will look more relaxed and you’ll have a pose that looks natural with a leaning pose. Ask your model to lean against something that can make the pose look natural. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from with regards to both standing and sitting poses.

3. Use props

You’ll often come across people who won’t have any idea what to do with their hands. This is when the props come in handy. Anything can be used as a prop, such as a basket, handbag, hat, or car keys. To match the outfits of your subjects, you can ask them to bring their own accessories. If you don’t have any props handy, just ask your subjects to run a hand through their hair.

4. Consider the angle of your camera

Camera angles play an important role in making or breaking a photograph. There are many photographers who don’t favor shooting from below. Sometimes, it’s good to experiment and you’ll see that it works in certain situations. You just need to make sure that your subject doesn’t look larger in the frame.

There are some who’ll tell you to shoot from above. Shooting from above works best when you’re shooting close-ups. It helps in making your subject look slimmer. If you’re shooting indoors, you must ensure that there’s adequate lighting.

5. Give lots of positive feedback

One important thing to keep in mind is the fact that your subjects can’t see themselves from the outside. So, they’ll depend on you to tell them how they look and what poses would work for them. Make sure that you give them lots of positive feedback. If they’re looking great, let them know.

Make it an upbeat session where your subject feels that it will yield the best results. If your subjects strike a pose that looks awkward, get them to change their position in an encouraging way.

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