6 Movies That Will Inspire Photographers

In order to improve their craft, photographers need to study how cinematographers and filmmakers capture moving images. They present these moving images on the screen in a truly captivating manner. In a way, photography and movie-making go hand-in-hand. Still photographers can learn to depict the art of photography by watching certain films made in Hollywood.

They can also get some inspiration by watching some of the films and documentaries about photographers. So, here are some of the movies that continue to inspire many photographers across the world:

1. Hand Held

Through this film, documentary photographer Mike Carrol tells some heart-wrenching tales of Romania. The intention of this film is to make the western world aware of the conditions of the helpless people in the country. Carrol travels to Romania right after the fall of the communist regime in 1989. While he is there, he captures some of the most horrifying and shocking scenes from the 20th-century Romania.

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty leads a simple life, but sets out on a mission one day to find an important negative. He works for the Life magazine as a negative assets manager. His mission is to complete the work of his partner and save the magazine’s new issue.

This is a must-watch movie, especially for the budding photographers. It is a captivating depiction of the dreams and fantasies of Walter Mitty. As he sets out on this journey, an adventurous spirit is awakened in him.

3. Fur

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus came out in the year 2006. Nicole Kidman plays the role of an eccentric photographer in this movie. She is also a shy housewife in the film, which is partially based on a true story. It is about a part of the life of a renowned photographer, Diane Arbus. The main character photographs people who don’t really fit into the realms and borders of the society.

4. The Bang Bang Club

Based on the book The Bang Bang Club: Snapshots From a Hidden War, this movie is about photography. It follows the journeys of four photographers on a mission to document the Apartheid in South Africa. The movie explores a heavy topic that would make you emotional while watching it. The characters get to extreme ends for capturing the events in a torn country.

5. One Hour Photo

In this film, Robin Williams plays the character of Sy, who runs a photo processing department in a store. He is the main character of this film. Sy is quite proud of the work that he does. In the movie, you’re introduced to a happy family with a young boy. They’re his favorite customers.

What this family isn’t aware of is the fact that Sy is fascinated with them. This fascination goes beyond all the reasonable boundaries. This movie is a thriller that the photographers would enjoy watching.

6. William Eggleston

The complete title of this film is William Eggleston: In The Real World. It is about one of the greatest photographers in the United States, William Eggleston. There are some artists who don’t like talking about their work at all. Perhaps, this is what makes this film so interesting and valuable.

It also gives you a glimpse into the personality of Eggleston and his contribution to the world of photography. He is a man of a few words. However, he acquired an impressive title of ‘The Father of Color Photography’. Eggleston is truly an icon and an inspiration for artists in different corners of the world.

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