Things to Remember While Taking Photos in Casinos

There’s a widespread belief that photography is not allowed in any part of a casino. However, the truth is that you can take photos in many of the casinos. The only thing you need to be careful about is the subject of your photos. None of the online casinos have the real images of physical casinos on any of their website’s pages. This is because almost every casino in the world prohibits photography in the gaming area.

It’s not illegal to snap a few photos as long as the focus is not on the prohibited areas. If you indulge in such acts, you’ll be ordered to stop taking photos. Here are certain things that you need to keep in mind while clicking snaps in casinos:

1. Bring a decent and small camera

When it comes to taking snaps in casino establishments, size matters a lot. If you enter the casino with a DSLR and its photography equipment, all eyes would be on you. You’ll surely arouse suspicion. The staff will be keeping a watch on you at all times. They may also ask you to leave your cameras elsewhere before entering.

To avoid such inconveniences, it’s always recommended that you use the camera of your smartphone. Today, most of the smartphones have powerful cameras with AI functions. Besides, if you’re entering a casino, you’re expected to have a really cool smartphone. Smartphones can also help you to play casino online. Want try? Check out el royale casino!

2. Turn off the flash before taking photos in casinos

Photos that are taken inside a building usually require flash in the absence of sufficient lighting. Things are quite different in casinos. If you keep your flash on while taking photos, you’ll attract unwanted attention. The best alternative in this case is to find certain spots that are well-lit.

Try keeping your smartphone on something more steady in order to prevent motion blur. Don’t forget to turn off the flash before clicking the snap.

3. Don’t shoot a video

If you’re snapping away inside the casino with your smartphone, there’ll be hardly anyone paying attention. On the other hand, if you’re shooting an HD video, the bosses won’t like it. A video would clearly show the action on the casino floor. You’ll be noticed not only by the staff but also by the guests. So, it’s best to stick to taking only photos inside the casino.

4. Don’t take photos of guests, players, and dealers

Taking photos of the guests, players, or dealers inside the casino would be a direct threat to their privacy. Every casino is responsible for the comfort and privacy of their guests and employees. You’ll possibly capture a customer in a compromising situation or distract the dealers by clicking their photo. If you go around clicking the snaps of guests, players, and dealers, you’ll be in for some serious trouble.

5. Don’t use selfie-sticks or tripods

There’s a prohibition on the use of selfie-sticks and tripods in casinos and the reasons are obvious. They’ll surely draw a lot of attention from everyone present at the spot. Besides, there are chances of guests tripping on the tripod or getting injuries from the selfie-stick.

This is not something that the casino management would want. Injured guests and ensuing lawsuits are bound to damage the casino’s reputation. So, it would truly be a bad idea to use a tripod or selfie-stick inside the casino.

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